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Top 5 Tips to Start Brewing Coffee at Home

Coffee has become an essential part in most people’s lives, to the point that starting the day right has always been associated with having a good cup of coffee first. With the current pandemic situation, the next best option when getting your daily caffeine fix is to brew at home. But for some, home brewing is a new experience and might seem like a daunting task to some. We’d like to shed some light into home brewing and to show you why it’s a better option to consider during these trying times with these few benefits.

It Saves Money

Make the most out of your cup! There will be days when you would like to have more than just a usual cup of black coffee and if you’d get a large beverage size in a café, it usually comes with an extra charge. Brewing at home would mean that you could have as much coffee as you would want to have! You also get to decide what to add into your coffee, be it milk, syrup, or even additional sugar if you’re feeling particularly sweet.

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Decide Your Style of Coffee

At a cafe, you are bound to the options given by the cafe menu and only what they have to offer. The baristas may not be able to make the cup of coffee that you always prefer. But brewing at home gives you that freedom and power to make your perfect cup all the time!

With your own espresso machine, you’re able to calibrate your own shots to have the right amount of espresso and flavour, or brew with your own desired consistency if filter brew is more up your alley. But the best part of homebrewing is that no one would judge you if you added more milk or sugar to your drink! You can always have the same quality of coffee no matter what day it is.

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

Comfort of Your Own Home

The great thing about making coffee at home is that you don’t need to necessarily dress up just to get your cup of coffee! Avoid all the hassle of make-up, dress up, and even travelling (if your local cafe is not near enough to just walk over) by just sitting at home, brewing a nice cup all for yourself. It’s your own little world! You can wake up and literally start your day with a nice filtered brew before diving into work.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

In most cafes, coffee cups come in plastic materials as it’s a stronger material with higher durability. But just like the introduction of the paper straw, the world now looks for biodegradable items or even reusable utensils or equipment. Drinking coffee at home greatly reduces the need for single-use plastic. Just get your favourite ceramic mug ready for your freshly brewed coffee! Not only that, most drip bags for coffee are now biodegradable to be environmentally friendly, and you can use the coffee grounds after as fertilizer for your new home garden! Think of the trees and what they have done for you! It’s time to give back!

Impress Your Loved Ones

Don’t just brew coffee for yourself, but brew for your loved ones around you as well! Impress your family members with your brewing skills at home and let them enjoy a nice cup of coffee with you. In times like these, it’s important to stay at home and not to risk going out for unnecessary agendas. Plus, everybody loves to have a good cup of coffee in the morning. For those that don’t, should be introduced to good coffee immediately!