Top 5 Benefits of Drip Bag Coffee

Coffee drinking has become part of daily life for most Malaysians, and the working class can relate the most to this fact, as many rely on the caffeinated drink to keep them going from morning until their work is done at sunset. Although more cafés have cropped up ever since the third wave, sometimes there’s just not enough time to wait at the shop to get your filter coffee brewed before you miss your train to work.

And then the thought of brewing at home comes to mind, but not everyone can afford or even want to have an espresso machine at home as it takes up quite a bit of space in your kitchen! And filter brewing at home doesn’t save enough time as well.

So what’s the next best solution? Here’s one idea: drip bag coffee! The easiest and best way to get your daily coffee fix with minimal effort to prepare. The preparation and disposal of the drip bag is so fast and efficient, you’re able to save so much time brewing your coffee while getting ready for work. Aside from that, it is found that there are added health benefits to brewing coffee through a drip bag compared to other known brewing methods. So let’s review the top five benefits of brewing with drip bag coffee today!


Drip coffee packets come in individual sachets and it is ready to be used on the go. All you need to do is tear open the sachet and attach the wings at the side of the cup to leave it hanging inside. After that, just pour hot water and let it sit and brew on its own! You’ll always have a cup ready in time, even when you’re rushing! Remember, never use boiling water as it will burn the coffee grounds and you won’t get the best flavours out of your coffee! 

Having a drip bag like this makes it easy to clean up once you’re done brewing as you just need to close the folds, pick it up and discard it in your trash can. In fact, you don’t even need to throw it out as it has another usage that is environmentally friendly!


Some drip bags are designed to be biodegradable, as the contents of the bag can be used with fertilizer to grow crops. Just mix the bag together with some soil or compost and you’ll be able to grow your own plants at home! Get some vegetables or fruits to have with your morning coffee in the future!

Doing this ensures a cleaner environment and it’s always good to be able to make the world a better place with lesser pollution.

Coffee Filtering Quality

One of the benefits of using paper filters is that it’s able to capture more coffee grounds, as compared to metal filters used in French Press or the Aeropress. The wire mesh may be more reusable as compared to paper filters, but it is not able to capture the tiny granules of coffee after being mixed with water. That’s the reason coffee brewed with the French Press gives off a more murky and cloudy appearance as compared to brewing with a drip bag.

Cleaner Coffee Body and Taste

Aside from the appearance, the coffee body is fairly cleaner while being brewed with paper filters as oils easily become oxidised through metal filters, which will affect the taste of the coffee significantly, despite the short amount of time that the coffee will be consumed. As mentioned above, paper filters will capture the small granules and oils from the coffee grounds, creating a cleaner cup of coffee, especially when it comes to taste.

It has been known that paper filters create a sweeter, fruitier cup of coffee while providing an all-around clean body.

Healthy Cup of Coffee

Cafestol, according to online definitions, is a diterpenoid molecule present in coffee beans. It is one of the compounds that may be responsible for proposed biological and pharmacological effects of coffee.

In simpler terms, it’s the chemical compound in coffee that raises your bad cholesterol level, or LDL. Drinking coffee in the morning might do that, depending on how much cafestol is in your brewed cup of coffee. French Press and Turkish coffee allows cafestol to go into your cup, raising your LDL more compared to other brewing methods. However, paper filters are known to catch cafestol, and it’s recommended to stick to drip coffee.

In short, cafestol, that stimulates LDL cholesterol levels, is usually absorbed entirely by paper filters, giving your heart better health.

So there you have it! It’s not bad to have coffee everyday, but make sure you have a healthy cup of coffee in your life! If you’d like to know more or to purchase drip bag coffee for yourselves, visit our store today!