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Hario V60 Glass Dripper – Black



HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921.

V60 name comes from its design. The cone is V shaped and at 60 degrees angle. According to Hario research this is the optimal way to hand brew coffee. The V60 dripper has a single large hole, which allows you to determine the flavour of the ground coffee by adjusting the water flow. The Hario dripper has spiral ribs that maximise the expansion of the coffee by enabling air to escape while brewing.

The V60 dripper, also called cup dripper or dripper mug is probably the best coffee dripper out there. The king of glass Hario has been manufacturing glassware since early 20th century and V60 set-up is one of their most popular brewing inventions. 

Hario V60 Range Server



HARIO – the king of glass, provides baristas with excellent quality glassware world-wide. Hario, has been manufacturing exceptional quality glassware since 1921. As a result, all-glass product such as the V60 Range Server is in a class all by itself.  the designed can fit any of V60 drippers. The V60 range server has a thick, heat-proof glass and a rubber insert on the lid, which guarantees good thermal balance. It’s a great asset for amateur and professional brewers alike.

Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 (Natural Process) – Filter Roast Coffee


About Bobea Uke Drying Station and the founder

Abiyot Boru is Bobea Uke drying station founder. Abiyot Boru was born in Bule Hora Wereda of West Guji Zone, at a particular town called Gerba. His parents were farmers where coffee was one of the traditional products in the area. He started participating in coffee production practices by cultivating, weeding, watering nursery beds, and harvesting during his early childhood. Abiyot started coffee business by purchasing red-ripe and dry coffee cherries from local farmers and selling them to the nearby wet and dry coffee processing industries. His passion for coffee business grew ever since which has earned him recognition as a second outstanding national seller at ECX market.

“ We will keep producing excellent coffee with great cup profiles. ” – Abiyot Boru, founder of Bobea Uke Drying Station


source by Buno Coffee

Panama Finca Hartmann Geisha (Natural Process) – Filter Roast Coffee


Growing coffee in harmony with the environment

Finca Hartmann is a family enterprise, in the 3rd generation and located in Santa Clara, Renacimiento. It consists of 2 farms – Santa Clara Finca Hartmann and Ojo de Agua, located between 1.300 and 2.000 mts above sea level with nearly 100has of forest reserves bordering on the Parque Nacional de La Amistad. The coffee is grown under the shade of native rainforest trees that have been there for many years. The Hartmanns try not to cut trees, they replant native trees and plantains to maintain the natural cycle and a healthy soil and fauna.

For the coffee farm he bought 500has from the Panamanian government and gave 100has of this land with virgin forest to one of his sons, Ratibor Hartmann, who was working with the US army in Panama City and turned that land into the Finca Hartmann coffee farm. In 1966 Ratibor married Dinorah Sandí from Costa Rica. Together they raised 5 children, Ratibor Jr, Allan, Alexander, Aliss and Kelly.

Today Finca Hartmann is a family enterprise – each member of the family is passionately involved in the management and performs a different function in the growth, production and tourism of the farm. Coffee for them is a way of living, their culture, their family – a lot of work, but also a lot of love. Their employees come return every year, as do their buyers, because they like their vision: work together with nature, work the land without destroying it.

“From the beginning, since my parents started with this farm, they have worked the land with a lot of love and respect. We are following in their footsteps, we love this farm, we love what we do, despite the difficulties one might face in the market, and we intend to pass this passion on to our children.” Aliss Hartmann

“My father always linked the coffee production to the conservation of the environment.” Ratibor Hartmann

source by Panama Varietals 

Aeropress Go



STEP 1 :
Add water up to Level 1 on the chamber. 175°F (80°C) water for hot brewing or room temperature water for cold brew.
STEP 2 :
Stir about 10 seconds for hot brewing or 1 minute for cold brew.
STEP 3 :
Insert plunger and press gently, pausing when you feel resistance, until plunger reaches grounds.


Espresso style:
Drink as is.
American coffee:
Add water to fill an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug.
Add milk to mug to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) latte.
Cold brew:
Add tap or ice water to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug of cold brew.

Ethiopia Guji Bule Hora Lot N13 (Natural Process) – Filter Roast Coffee


ABOUT Ethiopia Guji Bule Hora Lot N13 Natural
• Coffees grow in small farmers backyards.
• The coffees are known as “Garden coffee” and they are harvested from October-January
• Once lots get combined on washing stations, coffee is dried on African beds under sunlight.
• Lots then get combined and sold through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)
• After coffee is bought by Primrose, lots go under further quality control screening


Meseret, a very experienced coffee exporter and Bekena, a local coffee producer, started this joined project in the beginning of 2017 with the goal of gaining more control over Ethiopian coffee quality.

Sasa Sestic, Project Origin founder, helped also design this washing station and shared his expertise on the field with ZB’s team to also create here, a hub for coffee processing experimentation. With the goal of pushing the quality of Ethiopian coffee further this station has very high standards from the moment of picking and sorting, fermenting and especially careful drying.
The washing station is called ZB, short for Zeritu and Banchayehu, the names of the wife and daughter of the co-owner and founder, Bekena. The station is located in Masina town, in the Adola area of Sidamo Guji.

All the workers have been incredibly enthusiastic towards Project Origin’s vision of improving coffee quality, and improving the communities that our coffees come from. They have also welcomed the experimental processes we introduced and the unusual equipment that comes with them. Workers at the washing station also humbled us with their attention to detail for the new things we began requesting for Project Origin’s experimental lots.

source by Project Origin

Chemex Bonded Filter Paper (Pre-Folded Squares) - 103 CoffeeOut Of Stock

Chemex Bonded Filter Paper (Pre-Folded Squares) 100 sheets


• Cone-shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavor
• Thicker (20-30% more than the competition) specialty fiber filter design keep bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place (and out of your cup)
• Prefolded for convenience
• Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers