103 Drip Bag Coffee is a convenient way to prepare a delicious cup of drip coffee anywhere and anytime. Just open, pour hot water in and you’re on your way to a premium coffee experience in minutes.

Daily Gift Set – 30 packs Amazing Dripbag Coffee


How do you define your coffee taste?

Classic and Traditional – I like my coffee that taste like coffee  : Brazil Santa Lucia Natural
This relatively low acidic coffee is very nutty and chocolate flavor followed by orange-like notes.

Something different but not too crazy : Guatemala Las Nubes Washed
This coffee has great dark chocolate and cocoa notes with hints of prunes sweetness in the end.

Surprising totally different from classic coffee! : Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Bishala G1 Washed
This fruity and aromatic coffee with high quality of peach acidic notes followed by pomelo sweetness and delicate floral aromatics.

Now you’re ready to brew a barista quality cup of coffee in 2 minutes or maybe you can buy as a gift for your precious friend who always craving for coffees at home or office, upgrade someone’s daily habits routine from now!

Startup Kit – Gift Set


Special Features for V60 Dripper:
• HARIO heat-resistant glass in Japan
• Made of the best heat resistant borosilicate glass from Hario
• Easy to Use and to Clean
• Capacity: Size 02: 2-4 cups
• User controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water for better brewing
• Professional Experience

This clear carafe gives you temperature keeping and swirling experience like no other.
Road to professional brewing starts here.

Special Features for V60 Server:
•  HARIO heat-resistant glass made in Japan
•  Borosilicate heat-proof glassware, silicone rubber glass lid
•  Dishwasher and microwave friendly
•  Flexibility to be used with other Hario dripper V60 Glass Dripper , V60 Ceramic Dripper
•  Capacity size 02: 2-4 cups, practical capacity 600ml, full capacity 700ml
•  Marked measuring level
•  Professional Experience

Brewista Smart Scale II:

The Smart Scale II™ has been redesigned with a USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for longer life. The Smart Scale II™ has the same water repellent nano-coating as the original, but is even more water resistant thanks to the completely sealed body and included silicone platform pad. It automatically tares, automatically times, and automatically shuts off depending upon which of the six available modes has been selected by the user. Perfect for pour over or espresso preparation.

Special Features:
• Water resistant nano-coating
• USB rechargeable battery
• Automatically tares & times
• Auto-off function
• Six (6) user modes
• Displays in grams or ounces
• 2000 gram (70 ounce) capacity
• Accuracy: 0.1 grams
• Includes protective cover/tray
• Silicone pad for water and temperature change resistan

Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Bishala G1 (Washed Process)
-Tasting Notes : Peach, Pomelo, Floral