Sttoke Cup with Drip Bag Coffee Bundle Set

The bundle set comes with box of drip bag coffee (10 sachets per box) with one Sttoke Cup.

Sttoke Cup :  Choose 1
• Magnetic Blue
• Crimson Red
• Blush Gold
• Luna Marble

Drip Bag Coffee : Choose 1
• Brazil Santa Lucia Natural
• Guatemala El Triunfo Washed
• Honduras Don Fabio San Fransico Washed
• Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 Natural


How do you define your coffee taste?

Classic and Traditional – I like my coffee that taste like coffee  : Brazil Santa Lucia Natural
This relatively low acidic coffee is very nutty and chocolate flavor followed by orange-like notes.

Something different but not too crazy : Guatemala El Triunfo Washed, Honduras Don Fabio San Fransico Washed
Guatemala: This coffee has great dark chocolate and cocoa notes with hints of prunes sweetness in the end.
Honduras: This coffee has flavours of red dates, prunes notes and dried fruits acidity nicely balanced with caramel sweetness.

Surprising totally different from classic coffee! : Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 Natural
This fruity and aromatic coffee with high quality of grape acidic notes followed by blueberry sweetness and delicate floral aromatics.

The Sttoke cup fashion and minimal design to suit any outfit you pick while holding it with ease, achieved the perfect Cinderella shoe-fit moment!
Now you’re ready to brew a barista quality cup of coffee in 2 minutes or maybe you can buy as a gift for your precious friend who always craving for coffees at home or office.


*Now you can enjoy OFF RM31 for Sttoke Cup bundle special ends 30th September 2020. No discount code required. While stocks last.

RM199.90 RM168.90

  • Blush Gold
  • Crimson Red
  • Luna Marble
  • Magnetic Blue
  • Brazil Santa Lucia Natural
  • Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 Natural
  • Guatemala El Triunfo Washed
  • Honduras Don Fabio San Francisco Washed



Awarded globally twice, for achieving a stunning minimalist design while maintaining the shatterproof ergonomics of the cup.
Double wall insulation while keeping the cup light and portable to ensure your specialty beverage stays hot for 3 hours. Cool for 6.

Keeps your coffee hot or cold, the way you like it. The engineering reason behind using ceramic is to elevate and maintain your beverages taste. Combining the trademarked Shatterproof element to this, Sttoke eliminates the fragility disadvantages that exists in normal ceramic cups.

Taste every fine note of your coffee until the last drop. Lined with German engineered Greblon Ceramic Inside, we made sure your coffee tastes the way you want it to.
Removes residual odors lingering inside while leaving no stains compared to silicon and plastic cups because of our carefully engineered Greblon Ceramic.

Prior to creating the perfect Reusable Cup, we surveyed the market long and hard looking for what beverage lovers lack – practicality. Other reusable cups are hard to clean, hold, and leave a frustrating odour after a couple of uses.
Sttoke ventured with German coating specialist, Greblon. With this, we changed the game making the cup odourless, stainless and practical.