Nasty Jug MINI 400ml

Nasty Jug is the second Brewista X Series which was designed by Brewista and Irvine Quek.

Nasty Jug represents the attitude of the young generation.
Convery youth, dreams and passion in a rebellious way.
Inspire us to believe in ourselves.




Design Concept
1. Longer groove and “V” shape turn over spout design for better flow control, high stability pouring for multiple elements latte art.
2. 400ml capacity milk frothing pitcher with a tall and oval shape to let the milk flow more focus at the spout and reduce the distance between spout and the surface of the coffee.
3. Short handle with 2 junction points on the top to provide flexibility on pouring handling for baristas and to let our palm get more closer to the pitcher for better pouring control.




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