Infuse perfection into coffee equipment

A premium, heat resistant glass server designed by Stefanos Domatiotis,
World Brewers Cup Champion, that retains temperature longer.
Thick glass is being resistant to breakage and is formed to complement the style
of GEM Series dripper.


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GEM Series Coffee Dripper is a modern, authentic, high quality dripper designed by World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis and produced by Brewista.

• Premium porcelain material with great heat retension
• High quality 304 stainless steel lid
• Unique close thermo system enables a steady water flow & traps aroma modules
• Special design curve spout for easy pouring and no dripping
• Easy to use that promotes consistent brew
• Perfect for conical filter paper for 2-4 cups
• 300 – 500ml capacity