103 Coffee Ethiopia Filter Roast【200g】Tima Shakiso Guji_100% Arabica Coffee

Introducing you our specialty coffee beans, Ethiopia Filter Roast Tima Shakiso Guji
100% Arabica Coffee

Strong aroma, natural sweetness, unique flavor, aromatic body, optimum acidity and aftertaste – we are sure you’re looking for something with the best value of these.


Bean Information

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Altitude: 2000 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Local Landraces & JARC
Process: Natural
Roast Level: Filter Roast – Light
Tasting Notes: Melon Peach Longan
Weight: 200g

Recommend Brew Method: V60 Brewing Method, all hand brewing equipment are suitable too.

Coffee Storage: Once open the packaging, we recommend you to consume the coffee within 6 weeks.




103 Coffee – Your Specialty Coffee Expert.

We believe every sip matters. Let us pamper your nose and tastebuds with the freshest coffee beans in the market. All of our coffee beans are freshly hand-roasted by Jewel Ting (Malaysia Barista Championship 1st runner up 2018 & 2019) every week to ensure your every single sip is a wow.