Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 (Natural Process) – Espresso Roast Coffee

RegionOdo Shakiso, Guji Zone
FarmBobea Uke Drying Station
Altitude1800 m.a.s.l
Grade LevelG1
Roast LevelEspresso Roast – Medium
Tasting NotesGrape, Blueberry, Floral
Weight500g, 1kg


  • 1 kg
  • 500 grams
  • Espresso Grind
  • French Press Grind
  • Moka Pot Grind
  • Whole Bean


About Bobea Uke Drying Station and the founder

Abiyot Boru is Bobea Uke drying station founder. Abiyot Boru was born in Bule Hora Wereda of West Guji Zone, at a particular town called Gerba. His parents were farmers where coffee was one of the traditional products in the area. He started participating in coffee production practices by cultivating, weeding, watering nursery beds, and harvesting during his early childhood. Abiyot started coffee business by purchasing red-ripe and dry coffee cherries from local farmers and selling them to the nearby wet and dry coffee processing industries. His passion for coffee business grew ever since which has earned him recognition as a second outstanding national seller at ECX market.

“ We will keep producing excellent coffee with great cup profiles. ” – Abiyot Boru, founder of Bobea Uke Drying Station


source by Buno Coffee