Colombia El Danubio (Anaerobic Natural Process) – Filter Roast Coffee

RegionQuimbaya, Quindío
ProducerCafe 1959
FarmFinca El Danubio
Altitude1450 m.a.s.l
ProcessAnaerobic Natural
Roast LevelFilter Roast – Medium Light
Tasting NotesPrunes, Citrus, Winey


  • Whole Bean
  • AeroPress Grind
  • French Press Grind
  • Pour Over Grind


About Finca El Danubio | Quimbaya

“From the mountains of Quindio Region, we offer you an amazing coffee that we treat with passion, from our land to your cup”

Café 1959 is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of exotic and specialty coffee; both of them cultivated in our estates, which are located in the heart of the Colombian Triangle, Quindío. We consider and name our coffee as a “Specialty Coffee” because of its production process and the special treatment that it receives.
In order to avoid a negative result in the cup, we put all our effort and attention in completing perfectly each step of the production process of our coffees according to their type.


What is Anaerobic Natural Processing?

36 Hours of dry Anaerobic Fermentation under 20 Celsius –

Caturra Lot had a 40 hours on pre-drying at 35 Celsius and after this,

15 days of sun-dried on the AFRICAN BEDS.


source by Cafe 1959