Brewista Smart Brew™ 5 Cup Hourglass Brewer

This flavour clarity focused dripper can brew up to 5 cups in one go. Basket, square, full cone and Flat V cone all fits perfectly fine, perfectly well.

The Brewista Smart Brew™ 750 ml Hourglass Brewer. Its innovative dual spout design provides smooth pouring without splashing. The ergonomically designed profile and no-slip, heat resistant silicone wrap make it easy to handle. Extrusions on the interior of the vessel prevent filters from sticking when wet, so removing grounds is simple and neat when you are ready to pour. Durable tempered borosilicate glass maintains temperature without cracking under quick temperature changes. The generous 750 ml size allows for your to brew up to 5 cups at a time. Fits standard #4 cone style coffee filters.

Features include:
• Tempered borosilicate glass
• Thick, protective silicone wrap
• Dual pour spouts
• Interior profile prevents filters from sticking
• Smooth pouring
• For brewing up to 5 cups
• Works with virtually any style coffee filter recommended for you Brewista Cone Shape Filter Paper , Chemex Bonded Filter Paper 

Parts and Materials:
• Body: Tempered borosilicate glass
• Base: Heat resistant BPA free silicone


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Note: Due to minor modifications and regional market differences, the actual product may differ slightly from that pictured.