Adventurous Symphony Box (10 sachets) – Mix & Match

Cherish your moment with your friends and family in this bundle of festive goodies! Gift and share the spirit of Chinese New Year with wondrous joy!

Get more out of your Drip Bag Coffee and now you can mix and match 4 different flavors!

Adventure Drip Bag Coffee included: 
• Brazil Santa Lucia Natural
• Guatemala Finca La Nubes
• Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Bishala G1 Washed
• Columbia Huila Excelso Washed



The idea of this premium single origin coffee drip bag, we created for coffee lovers can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee anytime anywhere!

Drip Bag Coffee is a convenient and easy way to brew a premium coffee experience in minutes, quickly give you a clean, tasty and aromatic cup. Wherever you are, at house, at the office, travelling around the world or before hitting the gym.