For coffee lover who loves to made coffee themselves, you can find all kinds of gear for brewing, drinking everything else you need to prep a cup coffee or tea.

Nasty Jug


1. Longer groove and “V” shape turn over spout design for better flow control, high stability pouring for multiple elements latte art.
2. 600ml capacity milk frothing pitcher with a tall and oval shape to let the milk flow more focus at the spout and reduce the distance betweenspout and the surface of coffee.
3. Short handle with 2 junction points on the top to provide flexibility on pouring handling for baristas and to let our palm get more closer to the pitcher for better pouring control.

Kinto Slow (Plastic)


[Carafe] Heat-resistant glass
Maximum temperature differential: 120℃ / 248℉
Microwave and dishwasher safe

[Brewer] Copolyester
Upper temperature tolerance 100℃ / 212℉

[Holder] AS resin
Upper temperature tolerance 90℃ / 194℉
Dishwasher safe

Kinto Slow (Stainless Steel)


[Carafe] Heat-resistant glass
Maximum temperature differential: 120℃ / 248℉
Microwave and dishwasher safe

[Filter] 18-8 Stainless steel, Copolyester
Upper temperature tolerance 100℃ / 212℉

[Holder] AS resin
Upper temperature tolerance 90℃ / 194℉
Dishwasher safe


Sleek Cup


Product Featuring:

•  Great for hot and cold drinks
•  With the lid on the spout, it’s safe to use in such as deck around and bedside.
•  Raw materials: polypropylene (cup/lid) / silicone rubber (lid)
•  Capacity: 350 ml Size: W:91mm x D:91mm H:130mm
•  Heat Resistance temperature: 150’c Resistance to cold temperature: -40’c



•  Rapid, total immersion brewing process makes delicious full-flavored coffee without bitterness
•  Makes 1 to 3 cups per pressing in about one minute, Brews regular American style coffee
•  Brews espresso style coffee for use in lattes and other espresso-based drinks, the brewing process takes about 30 seconds
•  Microfilter means no grit in your cup (unlike a French press), Clean up takes just seconds
•  Available with zippered nylon tote bag – great for travel, Made in the U.S.A
•  Has always been phthalate free and has been bisphenol-A (BPA) free since 2009



GEM Series Coffee Dripper is a modern, authentic, high quality dripper designed by World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis and produced by Brewista.

• Premium porcelain material with great heat retension
• High quality 304 stainless steel lid
• Unique close thermo system enables a steady water flow & traps aroma modules
• Special design curve spout for easy pouring and no dripping
• Easy to use that promotes consistent brew
• Perfect for conical filter paper for 2-4 cups
• 300 – 500ml capacity

Hario V60 Range Server 360 Clear 01


Special Features:
•  Borosilicate heat-proof glassware, silicone rubber glass lid
•  Dishwasher and microwave friendly
•  Compatible with Hario V60 drippers
•  2 cups, pratical capacity 360ml, full capacity 470ml

Hario V60 Scale (VST-2000B)


– This scale only measures in grams.
– Light weight, with a scale and timer in one unit.
– Maximum weight about 4 pounds.
– Maximum count up time 99 minutes 59 seconds.
– Uses 2 AAA batteries.
– Material: Body/ ABS resin.

Brewista Smart Scale II


– Water resistant nano-coating
– USB rechargeable battery
– Automatically tares
– Automatically times
– Auto-off function
– Six (6) user modes
– Displays in grams or ounces
– 2000 gram (70 ounce) capacity
– Accuracy: 0.1 grams
– Includes protective cover/tray
– Silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance

Hario V60 Filter Paper 02 (100 sheets)


– A pack of filter paper for the V60 series.
– These filters are comatible with 02 type (1-4 cups)
– Designed in Japan to fit the cone shaped Size 02 dripper.
– Made with 100% oxygen bleached paper pulp.

Brewista Cone Shape Filter Paper (100 sheets)


– Laboratory-grade paper
– 100% virgin wood pulp
– Paper thickness paired with brewer shape for optimal extraction
– Woven material traps oils and sediment
– Consistent flow through without weak spots
– Pre-wetting isn’t necessary
– Imparts no flavor
– Works with the most popular hourglass and cone style pour over brewers
– Warehoused in and distributed from the US for faster fulfillment
– Capacity of Size 02 is 1-4 cups

Chemex Bonded Filter Paper (Pre-Folded Squares) 100 sheets


– Cone-shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavor
– Thicker (20-30% more than the competition) specialty fiber filter design keep bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place (and out of your cup)
– Prefolded for convenience
– Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers
– Fits all CHEMEX® Coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH

Brewista Artisan 600ml Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle


– Built-in timer for pour over use
– Wood look handle and knob
– Durable food grade stainless steel with colorful iridescent finish
– Narrow gooseneck spout for precision pour control
– Ergonomically balanced easy-grip handle
– Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Precise digital temperature selection from 104 °F/40 °C up to boiling
– Durable tempered glass base with touch panel for easy use and cleaning
– Real-time water temperature display
– Keep warm feature maintains temperature for up to one hour
– Fast boil feature boils water with no need to set a temperature