Your new brewing buddy

Hario V60: Your New Brewing Buddy

The Hario V60. One of the industry’s favourite coffee drippers for about 15 years, brewing the perfect cup of coffee with the unique design that stands out from the rest. It is said that brewing with the Hario V60 does come with a challenge as it requires precise technique and patience, but once perfected, delivers a truly delicious brewed coffee in your own home.

There are a few design factors that make the Hario V60 better than most coffee drippers. The cone shape is made in a 60º angle to allow the water to flow to the center, and the spiral ribs around it makes sure the filter stays away from the walls, allowing the air to escape to the top, thus maximizing the expansion of the coffee grounds. The large single hole at the bottom of the cone may look like a disadvantage at first, but it actually helps control the rate of the flow through careful pouring and by having a smaller grind size.

You’ll need a few other pieces of equipment to go with the V60 to get the right amount of brewing done. First off, the conical paper filter that is relatively thinner than the usual for automatic drip brewers.  You’ll also need the V60 server, which has a narrow opening designed for V60 drippers, and made out of high-quality heat proof glass. To get your grinded coffee in the right amount, have your drip scale ready, and last but not least, a gooseneck kettle for greater control in pouring water into the dripper along with a timer for precise pouring timing.

Here’s a guide that you can follow to practice before experimenting with your own techniques while using the Hario V60.

Hario v60 on scale

Step 1

Measure about 40g of fine-medium grind coffee and set it aside.

Step 2

Place the conical paper filter into the cone and rinse it with hot water (preferably 92-96ºC) to remove any papery flavours on it.

Step 3

Place the coffee grounds into the paper filter and create a depression from the rim of the dripper to the centre, and make a small hole in the middle, as if to plant a seed.

Step 4

Set the dripper and the cup onto a scale and pour about 80g of hot water on the grounds and start the timer for a 30 second mark. Stir the bed of the coffee during the pouring either with a chopstick or a spoon to get a more even distribution, but be careful as not to tear the paper filter.

Step 5

After 30 seconds have passed, pour the water directly onto the center of the coffee grounds, and then follow the spiral direction of the dripper and continue pouring while following the groove. Slowly pour as to maintain a spiral motion from outwards back to inwards and not punch any holes in the coffee grounds during the pouring. This is to keep the grounds evenly distributed. The main aim is to be able to pour about 640g of hot water in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. After pouring, take a spoon to slowly stir the coffee in the cone, and to scrape the sides of the filter to get the most out of the coffee grounds. The drip-through should only be about 30 seconds after this.

Step 6

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and have an excellent cup of coffee!

Brewing can be scary but it’s fascinating

There are some things to consider if you’d like to use the Hario V60 to brew coffee at home. Timing is one of the most important things when brewing with the spiral, conical dripper. Brewing too quickly will not allow proper extraction for the coffee grounds, making the coffee taste weak at best, and brewing too slowly will cause over-extraction and thus giving you bitter coffee.

Brewing with the V60 can sometimes sound scary, as it’s almost purely manual techniques from the beginning to the end, but if you are able to hone your techniques and control the flow rate and grind size, which are the two biggest factors in brewing with the V60, you’ll be getting your perfect cup of coffee almost every time. 

Should there be any blockages from coarse coffee grounds, try making more circular motions when pouring water and stirring to dislodge any cloggings. Make sure the water temperature is right before pouring on the coffee grounds. Water too hot will scorch the coffee while the opposite will under-extract the flavour.

Try it out for yourself, if you’re up to the challenge of perfecting the art of Hario V60! Tricky as it may be, but with the right amount of practice and technique, you’ll be able to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home like a pro!

Brewing with Hario V60