The theme of this year anniversary is about ᖇᗴᑌᑎITᗴ Tᕼᗴ ᔕᗰIᒪᗴ! 😄😁😃 

The year 2021 is totally a roller coaster ride for us with all unexpected changes from time to time. We know that the occurrence of this epidemic is full of challenges for any industry. However, we should face this situation with gratitude. Because of this epidemic, we have the opportunity to break through and grow. For the past 7 years, we have always focused on doing offline business.

Due to the lockdown, we were unable to open dine in for almost half a year. At first we were at a loss but we never thought about giving up. We realize the importance of online media and online business, but we have never focused on this aspect of development. Hence, we expanded our team and transformed from an offline business to an online business. We began to have our own internal media department, as well as network marketing department and so on.

Nevertheless, our vision is still the same from the beginning. Our main goal is hoping that our brand will reach more people , and to let them have a better understanding about coffee, as well as the opportunity to taste high-quality specialty coffee in 103 Coffee Workshop.

Despite this year is full of challenges for us, but thankfully, we’re still surviving, and still trying to keep up with everything! Although The World is in chaos, but we’re grateful that all of you are still supporting us throughout the difficult times. 🥰 We believe in the power of a group of people. When you’re alone, you are able to go far. But with a goup of people, we are able to go far and long together. We hope you will stay in this journey together with us.

Let’s Reunite The Smile;


103 Coffee Workshop