Espresso Roast are coffee beans that have been pressed and medium roasted to make espresso. Our Espresso coffee bean are roasted by our Barista Jewel titled 1st runner up in Malaysia Barista Championship 2018 & 2019.

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Guatemala El Triunfo (Washed Process) – Espresso Roast Coffee


Finca El Triunfo’s Family History:

One of the oldest farms in Guatemala, Finca El Triunfo, has been owned by the Padilla family since 1871. In those days the process of coffee growing was slow and inefficient. It was not until 1920 that they began exporting their coffee to North America and Germany.

It was in 1929 at the “Feria Hispanoamericana de Sevilla” (Hispanoamerican fair at Seville, Spain) when Finca El Triunfo was, for the first time, rewarded for its magnificient coffee obtaining 1st place for oustanding SHB quality. In 1955 Finca El Triunfo obtained an award for its outstanding wet mill processing(which included the harvesting, de-pulping, fermenting, washing, and drying processes), from the “Oficina Nacional del Café de Guatemala” (later to become Anacafe).

Finca El Triunfo has continued to prove its commitment to quality throughout the years. In 2002 Illy Cafe awarded the farm the 2nd place for best Guatemalan SHB. Most recently, in 2008 Anacafe (National Coffee Association of Guatemala) awarded Mr. Gregorio M. Padilla, the current owner of Finca El Triunfo, with the the highest honor, the “Flor del Café” award. The award was extended to Finca El Triunfo for its support in the development of national coffee culture and specifically for producing some of the finest coffees the country, being an active member of the asociation and an outstanding ambassafor for Guatemalan coffees. Finca El Triunfo has exported its coffees for over 70 years to many countries including: Germany, The United States, Italy, The United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Israel, and many others.


source by Third Wave Coffee SourceErgos Coffee .

Honduras Don Fabio San Francisco (Washed Process) – Espresso Roast Coffee



Honduran coffee producer and partner of Project Origin, Don Fabio Caballero has taken first place in the Honduras Cup of Excellence program for 2018.

Announced on June 1 in San Pedro Sula, this is the first time renowned producer Don Fabio has claimed the highest award in the Cup of Excellence (COE) program. The COE-winning coffee scored 93.43 points, one of the highest scores ever awarded in the Honduran chapter of the program. His winning farm, San Francisco is located in Marcála and sits at an altitude of 1300-1450masl. Having won several awards in past COE events, Don Fabio has refrained from entering competitions for spent several years, focusing on maintaining his farms and embarking on new projects.

His family is no stranger to awards; his daughter Marysabel is a producer of high-quality coffee, having taken first place in the Cup of Excellence (Honduras) program in 2016. Don Fabio also operates other farms in Marcala, including Las Virginias and Mogola. Marcala can be quite cold due to its high altitude, which makes it beneficial for the growth and slow development of the coffee. A wide range of premium qualities are produced on these farms, ranging from 84 to 90+ point-scoring coffees.



San Francisco is a farm covered with 50 year old plants, that yield low quantities of coffee per tree. Farmer, Don Fabio, likens the cherries to children and the trees to parents who provide the cherries with food from the soil. When there are less cherries it is easier for the tree to provide each cherry with the best possible nutrients. This gives San Francisco its structured acidity and highly refined flavour.

source by Project Origin

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Ethiopia Guji Bobea G1 (Natural Process) – Espresso Roast Coffee


About Bobea Uke Drying Station and the founder

Abiyot Boru is Bobea Uke drying station founder. Abiyot Boru was born in Bule Hora Wereda of West Guji Zone, at a particular town called Gerba. His parents were farmers where coffee was one of the traditional products in the area. He started participating in coffee production practices by cultivating, weeding, watering nursery beds, and harvesting during his early childhood. Abiyot started coffee business by purchasing red-ripe and dry coffee cherries from local farmers and selling them to the nearby wet and dry coffee processing industries. His passion for coffee business grew ever since which has earned him recognition as a second outstanding national seller at ECX market.

“ We will keep producing excellent coffee with great cup profiles. ” – Abiyot Boru, founder of Bobea Uke Drying Station


source by Buno Coffee