Choosing your favourite drip bag coffee.

Drip Bag Coffee is a convenient way to prepare a delicious cup of drip coffee anywhere and anytime. 

Whether you are working at home or at office, there is always an earned moment for a quick escape.

Start with origin.

For many of my customers who often ask me, which is the right drip bag coffee for them, and I hope this article can help you pinpoint your favourite cup of joe.

Drip bag coffee is getting more and more trendy nowadays and for good reasons. It is just convenient and hassle free !  Just open it, pour hot water into it and you’re on your way to a premium coffee experience in just less than minutes.  

In prior, the coffee has been grounded with the correct grind size, with ideal weighted grams and most importantly it is sealed to ensure best freshness. As hassles have been taken care of for you, now everyone can brew, it is easy to see why drip bag coffee is so well received in Malaysia.

Every coffee producing countries grows both great coffees and poor coffees, it is depending on the coffee grades. For us coffee drinkers, acidity can be an easy and great indicator of quality.

Coffee’s acidity gives coffee interesting flavours, these flavours do make coffee to have subtle floral or fruitiness to it, best part, it is all-natural occurring from the coffee cherry itself.

Quality good acidity is an indication of well-grown coffee fruit, it should be comfortable to drink, with hint of fruity and should taste very subtle in the cup. It is enjoyable and healthier for you.

 A bad acidity is an indication of lower grade coffee fruit that has poor nutrients or defective, these usually tastes overpoweringly sour, unbalanced, and harsh. It is not comfortable to drink, and it is also bad for your health.

Due to difference in uniqueness of soil, climate and cultivating culture of each country, coffee flavour profile is unique from all around the world.

Coffee grown from Brazil usually tend to have a lower acidity to it, while its other neighbour Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador etc tend to produce more subtle acidity style of coffees.  If you are the one that love to start out on exploring coffee flavours, coffees from this region would be a great place to start.

Coffee grown from countries at the African continent, countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi etc tend to have higher acidity profile. If you are a coffee connoisseur, coffee from this region is highly likely your favourite.

Coffee from Indonesia tend to have lower acidity, it is also a good origin choice for those who looking for low acidity and full-bodied coffee experience. 

Find out what is the roast level.  

Light roasted coffee tends to preserve more of the coffee origins acidity, and it is also lighter in body. It is richer in origin flavours but lighter on texture.  A well roasted one tend to showcase more of floral, fruity or both. A poorly roasted one can be sour, harsh or both. Light roasted coffee is appreciated among coffee connoisseurs as the coffee origin flavours can be savoured in the cup. If flavours are mainly what you are looking for, light roasted coffee is for you.

Medium roasted coffee usually hits the balance between origin flavour and roast flavour. It has medium of everything in between acidity and body. It is mellow in origin flavours with a richer texture. Some origin flavours are burnt during longer roasting and replaced by some roast flavours. A well roasted one tend to have minimal fruity, chocolate, nutty, caramelly etc. If balance is what you are looking for, medium roasted coffee is for you.

Dark roasted coffee tends to have much more roasty flavour. It has minimal to no acidity and full-bodied. Origin flavours is mostly burnt and replaced by all roast developed flavours. A well roasted one tend to have dark chocolate, caramelly etc. A poor roasted one can be bitter, harsh, savoury etc. Not all dark roasted coffee in the market is bad but most of them are. If bitterness is what you are looking for, dark roasted coffee is for you.

Why 103 Drip Bag Coffee?


We only source coffee bean from coffee farm that harvest great quality. All coffee we buy is from 80 points score and above, which is graded specialty coffee. Our head roaster Jewel, roast every batch of coffee herself for best consistency. All our coffee is cupped after roast to ensure no coffee went wrong during roasting process.  All our coffee line-up of products is in highest quality, including our drip bag coffee.


We roast it fresh. Our roastery roast 5 to 6 days a week to ensure every batch of coffee is fresh. Our drip bag coffee production is also done with freshness as no1 priority, as we execute grind, weigh, and seal our drip bag coffee within each production schedule.

Flavours .

Our drip bag coffee comes in multiple different origins of choices to cater for all coffee lover needs. All of our drip bag is at medium roast as we believe this is the most comfortable roast for this style of enjoyment. 

Customer service.

We sincerely believe a great product should be served with great service for your best coffee buying experience. We are actively available, customer can ask for best brewing tips, give feedback or any. You are very welcome.

I hope this article gives you some insight on choosing your favourite drip bag coffee. If you’d like to know more or to purchase drip bag coffee for yourselves, please visit our store today!

Barista Tai
Head Trainer