There are two types of most grown coffee bean species that are well known in The World, they are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta).

Coffea arabica is simply referred to as Arabica

Arabica originated from the Kaffa province of Ethiopia; Ethiopia is a country from the Horn of Africa.

In 2021, this coffee species is accounts for 60-80% of coffee production and is planted worldwide. 

Coffea canephora has another name, known as Robusta

Robusta grows indigenously in Western and Central Africa from Liberia to Tanzania and south to Angola.

In 2021, this coffee species is accounts for 20-30% of world coffee production and planted worldwide as well.

Arabica is the more superior species, well-known for its aromatic and sweeter taste. Arabica trees require cooler climate at a higher altitude to grow, it is also more susceptible to pest and overall, just more expensive to produce. 

Arabica coffee that is graded with a score of 80 and above the point of 100 will be sold to the specialty coffee industry. While the arabica coffee that graded below 80 points will be sold to higher commercial chain coffee industry and the lowest grade of Arabica will be sold for instant coffee.

Robusta itself has higher caffeine content, tastes much bitter, and overall has lower quality in flavor. Robusta trees reproduce easily even at harsh temperatures, thus the name Robusta, the Italian meaning of robust. Robusta is grown at an altitude of sea level and is much easier to produce. Its bitter and heavier caffeine content makes it more resistant to pests and overall, cheaper to produce.

The higher quality of Robusta is often used as an ingredient along with Arabica bean for a cheaper Espresso blend. The most average quality of Robusta is sold for lower commercial chain coffee industry and sold for instant coffee.

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 Barista Tai

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