Did you automatically sing along when you were reading the lyrics above? 😜

I bet you did! This is a folk song that most Malaysians know how to sing.

Every year during National Day our chef will specially create a limited National Day menu, and this year there is no exception.

This year, we are very happy to introduce a dish that has never been seen in Malaysia but everyone is very familiar with it. It is called “ROJAK”; Rojak is known as Malaysian’s salad.

What is the difference between the rojak we launched this time and the rojak you usually eat?
103 Coffee Workshop’s menu has always been based on a combination of Japanese and Western styles. But to greet the National Day, our chef created a special combo which is the Japanese chicken karaage pairing with the local authentic rojak sauce from Penang Kia Food Store.

Other than that, our chef also works to improve the taste of the rojak sauce by combining it with Yuzu Jam and Tonkatsu Sauce. It is definitely the main highlight of this special collaboration menu.

We named the Merdeka menu this year [RASA SAYANG] which symbolized the taste of Malaysians. The menu includes 1 main dish which is the Mentai Salmon Bakar Don, and 1 bite food Rojak Karaage and also the Special Merdeka beverage Oat Grey Latte which was created by our Latte Art World Champion Irvine Quek.

[Rasa Sayang Menu] is selling until the 16th of September 2021 only. Hurry up & order if you have not tried it yet!

What’s even more meaningful about this menu?

We will donate 15% of the profit earned from this menu to our local NGO which is HungerHurtsMY to help those in need.

We are thankful for your support and help in advance. Join us! 😉