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“Being a coffee aficionado and co-owner of 103 Coffee Workshop does not just happen in an instance. Ms Jewel Ting’s coffee bean roasting journey began 3 years ago in 2017. There were joy and excitement felt in her heart after each brew, creating unique yet delicious single-origin coffee beverages. Through her passion, desire, and creativity, 103 Coffee Roastery was born.

What made her stand out from the rest was her attention to details and bold take on different roasting techniques. These allowed her to uncover and highlight each coffee origin’s taste profile, giving quality in each cup. Every drink was a masterpiece, and it was the one thing that kept bringing customers back to her. The admiration and love for another of Jewel’s masterpiece just made it all worthwhile to create inspiring recipes.

Jewel took to greater lengths by participating in championships, to prove her skills to the world as well as to explore the many talents that are available worldwide in the coffee industry. In 2018 and 2019, she was the first runner up in the Malaysia Barista Championship and she aimed to strive further ever since. Today as the Head Roaster, she makes sure that each cup served is given with quality assurance and happiness guaranteed.

To Jewel, seeing the customers’ faces light up is what keeps her going, and what she looks for in a good day. The right roast profile for the right coffee bean with the right brewing technique, thus providing positive feedback from the customers.

The best cup of coffee is always the one held by a smiling customer. Whether it is black coffee or white coffee, Jewel will bring forth her knowledge in coffee roasting and brewing and craft a creation made of love and passion for you to enjoy. Let her coffee creation warm your soul!”