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2021 Merdeka Menu

RASA SAYANG EH RASA SAYANG SAYANG EH Did you automatically sing along when you were reading the lyrics above? 😜 I bet you did! This is a folk song that most Malaysians know how to sing. Every year during National Day our chef will specially create a limited National Day menu, and this year there…

Happy 7th Anniversary

WE’RE TURNING 7 THIS YEAR‼️🥳  The theme of this year anniversary is about ᖇᗴᑌᑎITᗴ Tᕼᗴ ᔕᗰIᒪᗴ! 😄😁😃  The year 2021 is totally a roller coaster ride for us with all unexpected changes from time to time. We know that the occurrence of this epidemic is full of challenges for any industry. However, we should face…

Arabica & Robusta

There are two types of most grown coffee bean species that are well known in The World, they are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (Robusta). Coffea arabica is simply referred to as Arabica.  Arabica originated from the Kaffa province of Ethiopia; Ethiopia is a country from the Horn of Africa. In 2021, this coffee species…

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